New Colors – Durable Vorex resin for engineering

As you can see in the image above, MadeSolid Vorex resin is going head to head against the competition and the results are impressive.

The toughness of MadeSolid’s Vorex resin is calculated by combining Tensile Stress and Elongation.  Tensile Stress measures how much force is needed to break a 3D print by pulling it apart and Elongation measures how long the material stretches before it deforms.  By multiplying these two together, you get toughness or the total amount of energy needed to break the 3D printed material. The higher the number, the tougher the resin.

So what does this mean?

In the past, the most common material for tough 3D prints was ABS.  However, there are limits to FDM 3D printing capabilities when it comes to detail.  Now universities, engineers, dentists and anyone else looking for a 3D printing resin that can stand up to the weight of testing and everyday situations can find a solution with Vorex resin.

MadeSolid introduced its durable Vorex resin for engineering applications last year but now there are more color options for your tough printing needs and we have them in stock!

In addition to the black and orange Vorex resin, white, clear and grey are available.  You can order all colors in either a smaller, 250mL test size or a 1L bottle here.  And remember, Made Solid Vorex resin is compatible on numerous SLA/DLP printers, including the Form1+ and B9Creator.

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